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Oocyte Freezing ( Gamete Freezing )

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Oocyte Freezing

What is Oocyte Freezing ?

Oocyte Freezing otherwise called as Egg Freezing. It is done to freeze the eggs for later use to beget a child through self use or via surrogacy..

  • For whom is it done ?

    Any woman is entitled to Ereeze her Eggs.
    Single or married women in Reproductive age group ( 18 to 40 yrs) can freeze their eggs ahead in time .

    This is done for various reasons such as medical reason like cancer or any chronic medical conditions.

    It could be a social reason like career commitments or financial stability are religious or ethical reasons or simply not finding the suitable partner

  • What is the best age for outside Freezing ?

    It is best done when the woman is less than 35 years of age still it is not too late to freeze eggs up to 42 years and successful pregnancies have resulted with these frozen eggs

  • What are the success rates of conception from Frozen Eggs ?

    Some large studies in US have shown that a live birth rate the chance of having a successful baby out of frozen eggs is as high as 60 to 70% if the woman has frozen at least 20 eggs when she was less than 38 years of age

    So freezing eggs at a younger age opens up a new era for ones own self use at an advanced age.

  • How long can these Eggs be Frozen ?

    Freezing eggs can be done up to a maximum period of 15 years but in exceptional circumstances they have been shown to be frozen for up to 55 years!

  • Is Egg Freezing a painful procedure?

    It's more of a discomfort feeling. To make it completely pain free it is done under a short general anaesthesia. The procedure usually lasts for 10 to 20 minutes.

    It is a day care procedure.

    Most recover in a day or so.

  • How is it done ?

    It is done via trans vagina ultrasound route with a long needle the eggs are aspirated and frozen using cryoprotectants.

  • Are there any complications of the procedure ?

    Minimal discomfort , burning feeling for a day slight bleeding and infection are some of the expected complications

    Painkillers and antibiotics are prescribed post procedure.

  • Does freezing damage the Oocytes ?

    Theoretically with the method of new technology called vitrification the formation of ice crystals within the eggs have been eliminated and the water inside the egg has been replaced by the cryoprotectants.

    There is a small amount of damage when we freeze and thaw the eggs.

  • What is the cost of Egg Freezing?

    The cost of egg freezing would come up to 1.5 lakhs .This would include stimulation injections for the eggs to ripen retrieval procedure add the cost of freezing additional costs of nearly freezing would incur depending upon the time.

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