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Fertility Counselling

What is Fertility Counselling ?

We offer counselling services to all patients undergoing fertility treatment to support individuals and couples to improve their emotional wellbeing.

Our counselling service:
All our patients have the opportunity to access counselling during or soon after every stimulated cycle. This support is an important part of the care that we provide and we encourage you to use it.
Our qualified, experienced offer you face to face consultations in the clinic. Our counsellors are available as an ongoing source of non- judgmental support. So be kind to yourself and remember you are not alone. Get in touch with us and have a chat.

How can we support you?
We can help to equip you with the skills needed to manage emotions and cope better with day to day stresses, whether these are related to fertility treatment or not. Our goal is to help you gain a greater sense of control.

We can help you work through
Whether to have fertility treatment
Struggles during fertility treatment
Relationship issues
Personal anxiety, depression and stress
Unexpected outcomes such as miscarriage, failed fertilization or implantation
Using a donor (sperm, eggs, embryos)
When to stop having fertility treatment
What to do with unused frozen embryos

To make a counselling appointment please call +91 69096 09299 or to find out more information please visit AIkya Fertility & Research Center.

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